Premier performers


Food is a complex commodity. At its most basic, it is an essential means of survival, at its height an art form, says Neil Thomas.

In cultures such as ours, fearless that it might ever run out, food fulfils a myriad of functions, from snacking through boredom to feasting in celebration. It brings families together, comforts the unhappy and, when candlelit, can help romance blossom. Too much, or the wrong sort, and health can suffer.

Then there’s flavour. Tins and packets, frozen convenience products, meals grabbed in a hurry and barely digested, too many fast food take-aways, can all contribute to a blandness of taste which might render us immune to the almost limitless possibilities of flavour that combinations of ingredients can achieve.

And then there are restaurants.

Shropshire is particularly fortunate to have a raft of fine chefs who demonstrate, week in and week out, the heights of flavour that can be scaled.

One of the very best of these, the Checkers restaurant, is to be found just over the border into Mid Wales, in the pretty town of Montgomery.

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