On the crest of the airwaves


From his early days playing records from his garage in Shropshire, Chris Hawkins has gone on to become a stalwart of BBC 6music, writes Andy Richardson.

On a typical day, Chris Hawkins might have a coffee with DJ Mark Radcliffe, or bump into star footballers at the shops. But the BBC 6music DJ keeps a special place in his heart for Shropshire, his home county.

Though Chris works at Manchester’s Media City and mixes with the Premiership jetset from the red and blue halves of that city, he returns whenever he can to Loppington, the place of his birth.

Chris broadcasts each and every weekday on BBC 6music and has also featured regularly on BBC Radio 2.
He says: “It all started for me in Shropshire. As a kid I always made mix tapes. Then I started being a DJ. I even built a disco, out of wood, in my garage at home, in Loppington. I made my sisters dance to the music that I was playing.

“After that, I did work experience at Radio Shropshire and never really went away. There were some really good people at Radio Shropshire then. They had a bit of faith in me.”

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